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WTD EP 001 - Toward Isolation

by Train

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WTD Jan 2016 EP Toward Isolation outlines the state that many artists experience when their focus takes over. The rest of the things slowly becomes less important than the main goal bringing the artist themselves in a condition of isolation from the society and the external world. Although this attitude can have detrimental effects in the long term, it sometimes seems a natural progression for those who are hungry.

“Dumped alone with my dreams” transmits a sense of subconscious pressure. The speakers are purposely forced to stretch, while the groove makes the listener move instinctively. The lead, easily attributable to Train's sounds, fills the mid frequencies spectrum in a dissonant way.

“Fuck you and your future” feels like trying to hold a kid from jumping in the mud. The lead is restless and even becomes more angry when its thickness increases half way through the track. The drums push steadily and never leave too much room for other thoughts.

“Fuck you and your future (Terawatt kilowatt remix)" is a reinterpretation easily connectable to the latter’s style. Psychedelic guitars lead the way and fight with an acid stab along the way. An electric overdrive dances together with glitches establishing an evermoving top layer.

“Perseverance” is a statement of simplicity for industrial techno. The rhythm starts and never ends, while the distorted drums accompany the track movement. The 8-bit crunchy lead snakes its way through the track almost like it was slowly faded in by a careful dj mixing two tracks.


"What was that make you
fall into this obscurity?
Perhaps the hunger for your path
or just the race for identity.
No matter what,
you are here for the eternity"



released January 29, 2016


Terawatt (remix)

Stefano R Niumen Mastering



all rights reserved


Train London, UK

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